Wayne Merdinger is a singer/songwriter, focused on insightful lyrics and diverse musical compositions that will resonate with those who enjoy heartfelt, classic rock-style ballads with emotional messages.   Inspired by legendary artists of the 1960's and 1970's, Wayne is a consummate storyteller and an inspired composer, with a musical sound and vocal delivery that complements his repertoire.


After writing songs for more than 25 years, it was Wayne’s children that urged him to start recording professionally.  His first album, "The Music Lives On," released in 2016, included a number of songs that were written in the 1990's.  His next album, "Behold the Invisible Man," featured all new material written in 2017.  His newest album, aptly titled, "Messages," contains 14 brand new, original tunes and depicts an evolved maturity in songwriting, orchestration and vocal performance.  His latest single releases have continued that legacy, and his 2022 EP, "Troubadour" features six brand new, original compositions with a classic rock vibe.