1. Stranger

From the recording Stranger

Lyrics & Music by Wayne Merdinger

The Players:
Wayne Merdinger – Lead Vocal, Backing Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Mark DeCozio – Keyboards, Lead Guitar, Bass
Dan Tomlinson – Drums

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Mark DeCozio

Recorded at Brick Road Studio, Scottsdale, AZ

Graphic Design by Wolfgang Krogmann

© and ℗ 2020 Wayne Merdinger

All rights reserved

Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws


Who’s that knocking on my front door
I’m bad at putting names to faces anymore
You kinda’ look familiar but I can’t be sure
If you’re really who I think you are

Come a little closer now so I can see
If I’m standing in the shadow of history
Something tells me this could be destiny
And fate doesn’t ever lie

Hey there stranger – I see you’ve come to call
But hey there stranger – Are you really a stranger at all

Once upon a time you had it all
But you never got to take your curtain call
They said you were a dreamer as I recall
And now you’re dreaming here with me

When I think back on the sights and the sounds
I was too young then to get around
But still I can remember being lost and being found
The moment that you filled my head

Hey there stranger – I’m glad you came to call
But hey there stranger – Are you really a stranger at all

Strange as it seems, I’m still chasing my dream
And I want you to see what I mean
But sometimes it feels like I’m spinning my wheels
Stuck in the fields where nothing is real

I see you’ve got some pictures and you brought your guitar
So we can reminisce and play a few bars
From some magic left behind by a shooting star
And you can make an old man cry

Thanks for stopping by to say hello
And to share a little time with an average Joe
You haven’t touched your wine but I know you know
It’s there if you change your mind

Hey there stranger – I’m glad you came to call
‘Cause hey there stranger
You’re not a stranger
No, you’re not a stranger
You’re no stranger at all
No you’re no stranger at all