Rock Era Magazine sits down with Wayne Merdinger for an in-depth discusion about 'Hidden Gems'...

 Interview by Hamza Sharkas, Rock Era Magazine - Posted June 27, 2023

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Talking with Wayne Merdinger About His Latest Album ‘Hidden Gems’... 

Interview by Randall Radic, - Posted May 31, 2023

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Rock Era Magazine - June 17, 2023 - "Wayne, you captured our souls, we enjoyed every twist and turn in “Hidden Gems”…thank you for the music…we can’t wait to see what you come up with next, looking forward to whatever you bring our way." - June15, 2023 - "Wayne Merdinger may describe this collection as hidden gems, but it most definitely deserves to be discovered and treasured." - June 9, 2023 - "Look no further than the warm and inviting lead single “Missing You”, which merges the charm of 90s songwriting style and production with the likes of Peter Gabriel and giants from another era that they just don’t make them like anymore."

NoHo Art District - June 5, 2023 - [This album] is a brilliant collection of well-crafted, thoughtful and beautifully produced songs.

Screen Legion - May 18, 2023 - "Almost instantly, listeners are reminded of artists like James Taylor, as Wayne Merdinger comes through with soft piano and soothing guitar melodies. Indeed, there’s a dreamy quality to the overall songwriting approach that will resonate with listeners."

 Living Life Fearless - May 13, 2023 - "With his latest album, 'Hidden Gems,' Wayne Merdinger comes up with a true delight for singer-songwriters fans."

Daily Music Roll - May 4, 2023 - "If you are a fan of Folk/Rock music and sensitive lyricism, then you will absolutely love this new album that is giving the audience a unique, one-in-a-lifetime experience."

JazzU - April 27, 2023 - "This amazing collection of classic rock, folk rock and soft rock songs narrates the potent real life stories, several of which were written decades ago (way back in the 1990’s) but remain equally relevant even today."

Folk N Rock - April 25, 2023 - "Wayne Merdinger Pays Tribute To Abbey Road Studios On “Hidden Gems.”

Essentially Pop -  April 25, 2023 - "The album serves as a showcase for Merdinger’s gift for transforming emotions and experiences we all have as humans into gorgeously expressed lyrics and melodies."

Art & Culture Maven - April 23 , 2023 - "As a singer, [Merdinger's] fluid and expressive tenor sometimes reminds of Cat Stevens (back when he was known as such)."

Independent Music Promortions - April 23, 2023 -- "Scottsdale Folk Rock Artist Wayne Merdinger Captures Magic at Abbey Road Studios."

The Big Takeover - April 21, 2023 - "Hidden Gems, instead of being a mismatched hodgepodge, is the most concerted document of Merdinger’s fine songwriting ability so far, and it represents the pinnacle of a real maturing for the artist."

Obscure Sound - April 14, 2023 - "The artist continues to impress with a genuine vein of songwriting featuring melodic piano, emotive strings, and warming guitar work alongside illuminating lyrical content."

HIDDEN GEMS - NEW ALBUM - APRIL 1, 2023...      Read the press release here

Troubadour EP Receives Rave Reviews...

Obscure Sound - August 16, 2022 - "The Troubadour EP is a showcase in quality songwriting..." 

FV Music Blog - July 18, 2022 - Wayne Merdinger is "a formidable troubadour who is making music that needs to be heard."

Indie Dock Music Blog - July 18, 2022 - "The special manner of Wayne Merdinger's singing and the original musical design of his songs make us listen to this tracklist again and again..."

WeAreMX - July 11, 2022 - "Wayne Merdinger’s new EP ‘Troubadour’ is a perceptive collection of songs that emulate authentic rock music."

Edgar Allan Poets - July 8, 2022 - "Wayne Merdinger is inspired by legendary songwriters such as Neil Young, John Mellencamp, and James Taylor, and his music lives up to it."

Music Is To Blame - July 8, 2022 - "Rock singer/songwriter, Wayne Merdinger, launches his latest EP."

On Stage Magazine - July 5, 2022 - "Rock Singer Songwriter Wayne Merdinger‘s latest “Troubadour” EP is thoroughly infused with his own rich musical DNA."

NoHo Arts District - July 5, 2022 - "Melodic, poetic, sweetly sung with beautifully played strumming guitars and songs drawn directly from stories of his life."

The Big Takeover - June 28, 2022 - ..."Wayne Merdinger's Troubadour has "a classic rock sheen reminiscent of the Eagles or America..."

Breaking and Entering - June 27,  2022 "Wayne Merdinger strikes gold, if not platinum, on Trougbadour."

Living Life Fearless - June 27, 2022-"With 'Troubadour,' Merdinger combines his '70s memories and some current themes into a good musical package."

Shock Ya - June 26, 2022 -"Wayne Merdinger memorializes his miraculous musical origin story that traces back to 1970, on his recently released six-track EP, ‘Troubadour."


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