1. Nebraska Bay

From the recording Troubadour

Music & Lyrics by Wayne Merdinger
Produced by Scott Leader


Living off the land - and off the grid
Another long-haired band - trying to find a way to live
Hidden from the lights - and tucked away
But if the wind was right - you could hear them play

I fell upon them just by chance
Was it karma - or happenstance
In peace and love they made their way
And this is - what they had to say

We call this place - Nebraska Bay
We don’t belong - but we’re here anyway
And if we find - that we can stay
We’re gonna call ourselves - Nebraska Bay

Chilling on the grounds - of an old motel
Lucky to have found - this place to dwell
There was Carl and Rich - Scotty and Jack
With Yvonne and Rachel - keeping them on track

I was just a kid - skipping school
And these new friends of mine - well they seemed so cool
I’d hang around them - everyday
So inspired - when I watched them play

They found this place - they called Nebraska Bay
It didn’t belong - and neither did they
If it came to pass - that they could’ve stayed
They’d have kept on playing - as Nebraska Bay

Sitting in the corner of the basement
I’d go crazy - for their sound
And then much to my amazement
They were never - to be found

They were out of place - just like Nebraska Bay
And in the end - they went their separate ways
And I lost track - Don’t know what became
Of the ones I knew - as Nebraska Bay

If it came to pass - that they could’ve stayed
We’d all know the name
Nebraska Bay