1. Standing Tall


Rolling like thunder – The wind at my wheels

I can turn on a dime – I’ve got the touch and the feel

I live for this moment – No stopping me now

Perpetual motion – They can’t keep me down

Against the odds – I’m living my dream

Breaking down barriers – I’m a moving machine

Half of the battle – Is strapping into the seat

There are so many winners – In victory and defeat

Rising up… / I won’t fall / I’ve got my eyes… / on the ball

I’m gonna answer the call

‘Cause I’m always standing tall

I’m spinning in circles – I’m fighting for ground

I’m playing for keeps – I’m not messing around

Together we stand – Together we climb

Together we drive – to push it over the line

The boundaries have been set – The rules carved into stone

But the limits don’t apply - When you step out - on your own

Never give up – Never give in

Let’s get what we came for – We’ve got the power to win

It’s all on the line now – We’re in the zone

I’m taking my best shot – I’m driving it home

Rising up… / I won’t fall / I’ve got my eyes… / on the ball

Watch me now / I’ll show you all

That I’m always - standing tall