There’s frost on the windows – The wind whistles by – There’s a storm in the mountains – Snow in the sky

Here in the winter – Here by the fire – I can hear the soft beating – Of my own lonely heart

Reflections from the fire – Cast a glow on the walls – Like shadows softly dancing – In an empty dance hall

Alone in my silence – Alone with my dreams – Alone with my memories – While the winter night breathes

My eyes, they grow heavy – As the fire starts to die – A chill fills the room – And a tear fills my eye

The snow’s falling harder – The snow’s drifting high – The snow covered mountains – Have said their goodbyes

I move to the bedroom – At the top of the stairs – I tiptoe through the darkness – In the cold night air

And there on my pillow – There on my bed – There is my love – Covered up to her head

I lie down beside her – She stirs and she sighs – I move to her body – Her skin touches mine

She’d turned in early – She’d missed the storm – She’d left me lonely – But now, she keeps me warm

Curled up inside - While the cold wind blows – It’s safe with in the walls – In the place we call our home

Feeling her near me – Feeling her close – Feeling her love – Through this lonely winter storm