I’ve read a thousand stories and I’ve heard of all the glories

Of the ones who don’t live ordinary lives

They take the heat and don’t think twice of making any sacrifice

They’re all prepared to pay the asking price

Their nature is to gravitate to places most can’t contemplate

The call to duty never gets ignored

With skill and with precision – And never indecision

They give themselves for little in reward

Can’t you see the infantry and don’t forget the ones at sea

Overhead we hear them roar – Unafraid – They take the shore

They are the first responders – They serve with all the honor

Of the heroes who all wear the uniform

And in the face of danger – They’ll risk it all for strangers

Running toward the raging of the storm

Courageously they walk a beat - In winter cold or summer heat

Honored to protect and serve – With all their hearts – And all their nerve

They’re the ones who protect us – They’re the ones who defend us

The ones we take for granted everyday

They’re the ones who leave their lives behind – Whose loved ones have to compromise

The ones who keep the peace along the way

When you see them all around – Or run across them in your town

Stand up and applaud their gallantry

Show appreciation – Express your adulation

For the ones who keep us all so safe and free

When things get hot and others flee – They heed the call so willingly

Bravely facing danger zones – Risking lives and saving souls

We’re thankful for the stories and we’re proud of all the glories

Of the valorous extraordinary ones

© Copyright 2017 Wayne Merdinger