Wheels are turning / Wearing a smile / Sun is shining / Taking my time

Celebrating life for a while

On road off road / Feeling no pain / I’ve nowhere to be / A beautiful day

With all the twists and turns along the way

And I’m feeling so fine / with the passage of time

Looking back on the road left behind

It’s an uphill climb / ‘Til the downhill side

And I’m just along for the ride

Making tracks / Seeing the sights / Taking the fast lane / Living the life

No stopping now and it’s alright

Uphill downhill / Feeling so strong / The breeze in my face / And singing a song

I could do this all day long

Low gear riding / Pedaling fast / Making the grade / The wind at my back

Time to descend now at last

Over the hill / A steep decline / Picking up speed / But feeling alive

Coasting to the end of the line

The world goes by / Mile after mile

I’m taking the journey in stride

‘Cause I’m just along for the ride

© Copyright 2017 Wayne Merdinger