1. Caroga Lake


Let me take you on a journey to a place I used to go when I was young

With the memories or summer, reflecting all the senses overcome

Nestled in the mountains - The wilderness – The Beauty all around

The cool clear water kissed the shore – The pine trees - The needles on the ground

Like a sanctuary hidden by a landscape that defends its sacred space

It's a sentimental memory more vivid in my mind than anyplace

Whether sitting on the shore or drifting out upon the quiet water's tide

I remember every moment with the images embedded in my mind

Caroga Lake it glistened with the sunset

At dawn its stillness like a sheet of ice

Caroga Lake in quiet isolation

A peaceful solitude in paradise

In the twilight we would sit beneath the stars and watch the fireflies

They hovered neared the trees like imaginary sparkles in our eyes

When morning came the grownups would drive to pick up donuts in the town

They were the best I’ve ever had but there were never quite enough to go around

In all of my reflections of the days when I was coming of age

The stories left a mark like nothing I recall from any other phase

All year long I’d look ahead, counting down the days ‘till we could take

That magical excursion to the cabin at that Adirondack Lake

In an old and shaky rowboat we would navigate the waters on our own

Baiting hooks and casting lines into marshy bogs so thick and overgrown

We caught a thousand sunfish every summer and it felt like such a crime

But since we had to throw them back I swear I caught the same one every time

© Copyright 2017 Wayne Merdinger