You came from riches and you came from rags – From both sides of the tracks

You had a future and you had a past – Are you ever going back

All of the reasons for your state of mind – We can read them in a book

Hindsight is clear and there were many signs – But we had to know to look

Your parents they don’t understand – Where did they go wrong

They tried to lend a loving hand – To help you get along

But you chose another path – Temptation won the day

You yielded to the devil’s touch – And you sold your world away

Spiraling downward – Falling Fast

Into the darkness – The die is cast

Can you turn back now – Is there light ahead

Do you have a chance or have you made your bed

Seems a hopeless situation – You’re living on the street

Pushed to desperation – To find shelter and something to eat

You feed your brain with the devil’s brew – You can’t seem to get enough

So indebted to who knows who – You’ve got to pay before things get rough

Your mother’s filled with sadness – Your father wants to turn the page

They remember how it used to be – Back in your younger days

They’re sick inside at the circumstance – Losing sleep and shedding tears

But raising kids is a game of chance – It takes some luck to make it thru the years

You chose your own direction – No one else can set you straight

And now your resurrection, is up to you and the choice you make

At the end of the road is it left or right – Everything is on the line

Will you meet your fate or see the light – Your guess is as good as mine

‘Cause it takes a lot of courage – to flee that living hell

To climb back to the surface – And break the devil’s spell

You’ve got to break the devil’s spell…

© Copyright 2017 Wayne Merdinger