Time machines and magazines take me back to where I used to be

Won’t you come with me

The hits on AM radio; Rock ‘n roll and black and white TV

And it was free

Walking to the candy store; Pixie sticks and bubble gum cigars

And nickel Hershey bars

Stickball in the street; Imagination up against the wall

With a Spaldeen ball

All the sights and sounds – They’re coming back to me

Making all the rounds – Thru ancient history

Going back to innocence again

To people, places, things from way back when

Hoola Hoops and TinkerToys; Captain Kangeroo was in his prime

We’re going back in time

Khrushchev and the Kennedy’s; Viet Nam and Martin Luther King

Oh what the times would bring

Twenty five cent gasoline; Seatbelts just an option you could buy

How did we survive

The milkman came at five A.M.; And Mr. Chips brought pretzels in a can

Then came the soda man

Life was so much simpler back then

Technology was paper and a pen

Cars were hot and war was cold; The age of fifty seemed so old

There’ll never be a time like that again

Record players, forty fives; Dial phones and roller skates with keys

How I skinned my knees

Pitching pennies, flipping cards, training wheels and candy cigarettes

I’ve no regrets

© Copyright 2017 Wayne Merdinger