14 Brand New, Original Songs

To me, better illustrates the role of a record producer better than this scene from the movie, Begin Again which stars Keira Knightly as a struggling artist and Mark Ruffalo as a washed up producer.   I use the term, "record producer" quite intentionally because, though vinyl records are making a comeback, they have been replaced over the years by 8-tracks, then cassettes and now, digital formats, but a "record producer" is still creating a record of what should be the very best possible performance of a piece of music.  Anyway, you can start with a great song and the finest musicians, but without a good producer, you might not experience the real magic that can happen in the studio. 

I feel blessed to have discovered Scott Leader who has produced all three of my albums.  He had the patience to work with a novice, the musical talent to complement my material, the connections to some terrific session musicians, the technical prowess to produce, engineer  and mix, and the flexibility to allow my developing creativity to come to life.  He is also a principal in Brick Road Studio, the world class, state-of-the-art professional recording studio where I have had the pleasure to record almost all of my music.  

I've been very fortunate to have surrounded myself with a band of musicians that are able to take my compositions to a level I never imagined.  Drummer, Joe Costello, Guitarist, Adam Armijo and John Hayden on Bass have been with me for all three albums and, of course, Scott Leader rounds out the group on keyboards, backing vocals and a host of other instruments.