I am frequently asked where I want my music to take me.  If I had started playing and writing 40 or 50 years ago, I would, no doubt, have had a different outlook.  In fact, I did form a band and write a song with a group of friends somewhere back around 1970.  As I recall, my buddies, Kevin and Wayne, both played guitar, Eric, the only real musician in the band, was our drummer and I was relegated to playing the Magnus Chord Organ.  It had a standard keyboard but also a series of buttons that played only chords.  They were all I used.   The song was called, I Gotta Tell You Now, and you won't find a link to it here.  It was undeniably horrible!  It was so bad that the group disbanded (no pun intended) after our first rehearsal, never to play music together again.  Anyway, I digress.  Now, being a bit more "mature," my perspective is clear.  I have had a very successful professional career and now, as president of a multi-national company, I know I have some good years left in me, so music will continue to take a back seat to that.  Nevertheless, I do enjoy playing to those willing to listen so occasional gigs are not beyond the realm of possibility and, as far as more studio recordings, I'll never say never.  Aside from that, I do intend to continue writing and upon my retirement, whenever that may be, if I can give back to the community by bringing my music to seniors, or others who don't easily get to see live performances, that would be most rewarding for me.  Of course, playing at senior centers, assisted living facilities and nursing homes would provide opportunity to appear before audiences with varying degrees of hearing impairment and, as my own hearing and vocal range may deteriorate with age, that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. Some might argue that it would already be of benefit.