I should point out that while music is certainly my passion, it is not my vocation.  Unlike many aspiring and talented artists who depend on music as their livelihood, I am blessed to have a successful career as a business executive in an industry I've devoted over 45 years to. Some business people play golf in their spare time.  I write and play music.  The only connection between my professional career and my musical pursuits is something called  The United States Power Soccer Association (USPSA), an amazing organization dedicated to promoting the sport of Power Wheelchair Soccer to individuals that depend on wheelchairs for their mobility.  Several years ago, I spearheaded the involvement of my company as a primary corporate sponsor of this organization.  Power Soccer is an incredible sport that turns severely disabled people into competitive athletes and I was asked to write and record a song for them, which I included on my first album.  That song, Standing Tall, wound up being played at the 2017 World Cup of Power Soccer as the final two teams came out on the floor for the championship match.  Team France prevailed over Team USA after a hard-fought contest, but watching the teams warm up to my song that afternoon was an indescribable feeling.